Texas Relic Recovery Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of places are we interested in searching ??

A: Property that has or had old houses, buildings, or other structures that had been in use in the 1950's and before.  If your property did have an old barn, an old house on it before, we would welcome the opportunity to search the grounds, and would only do so when it is convenient to both the team members and the property owner.

Q: What items do we usually find ??

A: Each property varies as to what might have been lost, buried or forgotten on it. Parts from the inside of buildings, door knobs, small hinges, old bolts, square headed nails, identification plates off of equipment, are just some of the items found.  Also many items carried by people are found also, like coins, jewelry items, buckles, and many other items might be on the grounds.

Q: Who keeps the items that we find??

A: That can be predetermined before we search. If you know of any particular item(s) that might be lost on your property we will try and locate them and be glad to return them to you. Most of the items are kept by the team members and each member may offer to donate any items they have found for a small token display for the property owner.

Q: What if someone from our team gets hurt on your property??

A: We have a search agreement that the property owner signs as to the day(s) and time(s) of the search, and if the owner insists, we also have a liability waiver that each team member who is on the search signs, and a copy will be given to the property owner.

Q: As a property owner what are the benefits of participating in a TRRT Hunt?

A: There are many benefits that may be realized by having TRRT on your property to hunt. The finds can help promote local history and may be part of a display loaned to your local museum. It is also an opportunity to locate a lost item on your property. Finally your property and its history will be the focus of one of the TRRT videos published on YouTube. While not required, we always encourage our property owners to star in our documentary style videos as the expert on the history of the property and the past events that make it interesting. This could be your chance to star in a unique video.

Q: How can I get TRRT to come search my property??

A: Contact one of our members and discuss the possibility of your property qualifying for a TRRT search. We dedicate personal resources to the search of local properties and all do not qualify. We are always searching for properties that will help us accomplish our goal of promoting local history.

To discuss a search on your property contact

Your inquiry will be passed on to the TRRT member located closest to your area.